3 Great Ways to Watch American & U.S. Content. Get All-in-English Speaking TV programming in Costa Rica..! Satellite Costa Rica is the best alternative to watch American TV from Costa Rica!

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Satellite Costa Rica is a young but very motivated satellite tv/ internet installation services company founded by Alberto A. , a computer engineer and a professional satellite enthusiast that saw an opportunity to provide high quality U.S. / English Speaking TV programming in Costa Rica at a fair price.

Below, you will find 3 ways that we can “enable” your big screen TV to play U.S. TV programming from Costa Rica. We have products and services to accommodate all types of budgets. We build satellite TV systems with small (3ft.) and big (8ft.) satellite dishes for high resolution TV viewing. We sell high definition satellite receivers for Dish Network or DirecTV, we professionally rewire your home or office, we offer TV modulation for sports bars, restaurants, or sportsbooks, we install satellite equipment in racks, and we are committed to providing you with the highest standard of quality.

Please keep in mind that all 3 services described below, are Satellite TV services from American Multinational Corporations. This is not TV Streaming, Internet TV or IPTV that does not work properly from Latin America because of Internet bandwidth limitations, or lag or due to decaying telecom network infrastructure. This is also NOT pirate/ bootleg Satellite TV with chinese satellite receivers and IKS servers which are pretty popular among “local costarican” satellite tv installers. This is an all legit satellite TV service where you pay a fair monthly fee and you get a great satellite TV service in return.

All 3 TV services work Great because we use state of the art satellite TV technology installed by a professional.

It is also important to mention that if you are having problems with your Internet service that we have this page with some tips to improve your Internet service. If your problems are more regarding the quality of your electricity (your home appliances and electronic equipment were partially damaged or fried by Grupo ICE) , then we also have another page regarding whole house power surge protectors.

IMPORTANT : With small dish satellite TV installations like with options (2) or (3) we DO NOT ask to provide any money up front. We let our product speak for itself. We will visit you, install the satellite service and once it is up and running and you are a happy customer then we proceed to settle the investment part.It

It is important to mention that we only accept cash or instant wire transfer as payment method. As of now, no checks nor credit cards are accepted.




(1.) Dish Network USA (on Big 8ft. Satellite Dish) for approx. USD $2,400. 

This is the high-end and most complete solution to watch high quality U.S. TV and this where you can capture most of the U.S. TV channels. If you want the best quality and want to retire like a PRO, this is your first choice. When going with the high-end solution, you will get two dishes, a small 3 ft. dish pointing to satellite 121° West for the Networks in HD such as ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC and 80+ standard definition TV channels and a Big 8 ft. satellite dish pointing to satellite on orbit position 72.7° West for all of the Pay-per-View Channels and Sports Packages. Also, if you buy a DVR satellite receiver, the satellite TV solution will provide all DVR features.




(2.) Dish Network USA (3 major Networks in HD, 83 channels in English) small 3ft. dish for $400 (on Sat 121w)

This is a great satellite TV solution for the price conscious consumer. Reliable U.S. TV news and real-time sports with all Major Networks in HD. Get all the good stuff from the U.S. at a fraction of the cost with a small 3 ft. satellite dish!

(3.) DirecTV Colombia  – 95º West – USD $600 (60% of TV is in English) with small 3ft. dish. 

This is a great satellite TV out of Colombia. Even though is latino TV, you can still watch lots of Movies in spoken English or with sub-titles in English. DirecTV is a great brand even the Latino version where you will have access to 2 live TV channels for NBA League Pass, 3 live TV channels for MLB Extra Innings and all NFL games (NFL Sunday Ticket Pass) every Sunday.

satellite costa rica

satellite costa rica





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