Wifi Costa Rica

Wifi Costa Rica

Share and Get your wireless internet from your Costa Rican neighbor.

Current situation:

There are no professional wired internet solutions in your area.

You currently get by with a 3G smartphone or a cheap plastic 3G USB Modem that does not work at all or has a poor performance. You need something more professional with more uptime and you happen to know a friend, or a neighbor that has a house with a wired Internet connection. Luckily, both houses have roof-to-roof clear line of sight so sharing your neighbor’s wifi costa rica can be done if you have the right telecommunications equipment.

This friend of yours has either Grupo ICE’s ADSL (which means internet service over the telephone line) or has cabletica/ tigo’s internet over Coaxial cable and you would like to share or get some of that “internet connectivity” sent to your house up in the hill.

This is the product/package that we sell for wifi costa rica:

  • Two installed and configured 5 Ghz Wifi antennas that are used to establish a wireless internet bridge between the two houses.
  • Total Investment – USD $600 or USD $300 per access point (+ Travel expenses if outside Great Metropolitan Area)

Contact information:

Alberto Araya, Computer Engineer Western Michigan University, +506-8701-0007 ,

E-mail :

Please look at the THREE images below:

Click to enlarge image

Click to enlarge image. The house at the mountain top has a wired Internet connection. The owner is sharing his stable internet connection to the small “casita” that you see in the picture.

Wifi Bridge between two houses



Whole House Power Surge Protector

Properly Grounded Home:

grade4_19_electricity All electronic equipment that we sell to you should be installed in a properly grounded home. The day of the installation, we will check with a “Ground Tester” that you home has the RIGHT hot-neutral-ground configuration in the 3 prong receptacle outlet where the installation takes place. If you would to get a professional whole house power surge protector for your home because the utility company is FRYING your kitchen appliances, and electronic devices, please go to this page. Whole house power surge protectors at the circuit breaker box will add a second layer of security when used in conjunction with power strips that have surge protection.