Exede: High Speed Satellite Internet in Costa Rica (Central America)

Exede: High Speed Satellite Internet in Costa Rica (Central America)

For now, we have to wait until December 2018 … but EXEDE’s High Speed satellite internet service will surely be available in Costa Rica, Central America, some parts of the Caribbean, Venezuela and Colombia.

Please remember that this is the NEW satellite internet technology invented in last decade (2010-2017) that is currently been used by Americans that have no other wired internet solutions. This is also different than the old satellite internet technology called vSAT that has been around for the last 30 to 40 years. We do not promote old vSAT technology since acquisition costs (buying the satellite hardware) are high (USD $3000) , internet speeds are slow (512 kbps) and monthly fees are very high (USD $150 per month)

  • EXEDE is NOT old expensive vSAT satellite internet technology.
  • EXEDE is the NEW generation satellite internet service provider or ISP.
  • If you live in Costa Rica, EXEDE is the professional internet solution that you have been searching for a while.
  • Exede is fiber optic broadband ( 15 megabits per second ) for USD $50 per month.

Please take note that EXEDE will NOT offer unlimited data plans. Thus, NETFLIX and other types of Internet TV streaming services are NOT an option  because they require massive amounts of gigabytes of data per month. If you will like to watch American TV, you should consider an old fashion satellite TV solution like this one.